The Toronto Hymn

The Danish Lutheran Church in Toronto has got a hymn written by pastor Simon Kangas Larsen and with music by organist Mark Fenger. Brigitte Bogar and Glenn Davis have done an English translation. 

The hymn is written and composed on the occasion of the inauguration at Easter 2022 of two new altarpieces for the church painted by the Danish artist Simon Aaen. The artwork was a central part of the sanctuary upgrade with new furniture, lighting and a new altar area.

The hymn is about the artwork that illustrates Jesus walking on water and the disciples in the boat (Matthew 14, 22-33). But the hymn also describes the life of (Danish) migrants in Toronto and Canada - and a congregation celebrating worship in the church - the place to find peace from the stormy waters. 

Download the Danish version of the hymn here (PDF file).

Download the English version of the hymn here (PDF file). 

Download the tune here (PDF file).