E-transfer to The Danish Church

New: We can now accept E-Transfers

We are becoming more electronically connected with our members. It has been a struggle, but we now can accept donations and other payments to the church via electronic transfer. Especially in these days where we cannot physically go to the church, it is good to know that this form is also now available. 

Just send an e-transfer email from your on-line banking to   


and it will be accepted within two business days into the church’s bank account. Please make sure your full name, address (or envelope number) AND e-mail is there as well as what it is you are sending money for so it can be properly allocated. A confirming email will then be returned to you, so you know your payment has been accepted. 

Please remember to also send an email to "mail@danchurch.ca" when you are using a unique password for your transfer. That helps us to receive the funds via the banking system. 

You can use this form for a variety of payments to the church – ie donations, memorial gifts, dinners, lotteries, import or other bazaar pre-payments, any money either due or being gifted to the church. We of course can also accept cheques sent in the mail, but for those who prefer direct transfers – this format is now available.

If you have any questions, please contact treasurer Lisa McConnell or president Sune Overgaard.