Welcome to the Danish Food Fair

Instead of the usual spring bazaar format, we have decided to be different and focus only on the booths which involve food

– ie imports, sandwiches, bake shop, coffee and dessert, and of course hot dogs at our outdoor booth.

Come and join us
Saturday May 4 from 10 am to 2 pm.

Imports and also sandwiches is available for sale on the day along with the other booths.
This is a new way to have this event and we hope you will come out and support it.
It will be an enjoyable day to sample many Danish delicacies either outdoors, inside, or to take home.

Many people will be asking about the other booths.
They will return for the fall bazaar.

Order your Danish Candy, food and more on our webshop:

We are now open for pre-orders! 


When you are shopping, you support the Danish Lutheran Church in Toronto.

Danish Church Toronto - The Bazaar Team