Pay/donate to the Danish Lutheran Church of Toronto

Here you can pay to the Danish Lutheran Church of Toronto or give a donation. 

The Danish Lutheran Church of Toronto is 100% self-funding, therefore all forms of support are welcomed and needed for us to maintain a place in Toronto where friends and family can gather for worship, fellowship, and Danish culture.

You can pay/donate in different ways - make sure you identify the purpose of your payment:

    1. By credit card (use the form below).
    2. By donating via e-transfer. Send an e-mail to (read more about e-transfer here). 
    3. By cheque - payable to "Danish Lutheran Church of Toronto". You can mail the cheque to the church, or hand it in when at the church. 
    4. By cash when you are at the church.

All donations are tax-deductible and gratefully accepted.

Any questions about donations or other payments can be answered by president Sune Overgaard or other board members.