AGM 2024

Annual General Meeting 2024

Dear Member(s),


You are invited to participate in the Annual General Meeting of this church. It will be held on      


Sunday April 7, 2024 after the service at approximately 12 noon.


This will be both an in-person and a Zoom meeting as we want to have as much participation as possible.
As a registered member you are encouraged to be part of this important meeting.


The Zoom link is:


Meeting ID: 897 3366 2242
Passcode: 223084


But we do hope that you will join us in person and take part in the decisions that impact the operation of our church and congregation.

The meeting agenda is shown below.


We look forward to seeing you at the meeting.


The Board.


AGM  AGENDA – April 7, 2024


1.      Opening of the meeting by the President, Sune Overgaard.

2.      Determination of Quorum.

3.      Approval of the Minutes from 2023 Annual General Meeting.

4.      The President’s Report: Sune Overgaard

5.      The Pastor’s Report: Kirstine Rasmussen

6.      Treasurer’s Report: Lisa McConnell/Sune Overgaard

a)      Presentation of Accountant’s comments re 2023 financial review

b)      2023 Financial Statements

c)      Operating and Capital Budgets for 2024

d)      2025 Levy payment at $20 per person

e)      Appointment of Accountant for 2024

7.      Report from Building and Maintenance Committee: John Uffe

8.      Reports from the main Church Activity Groups:

a)      Bazaar: Hanne Simmelsgaard

b)      Church Café: Liselotte Ostergaard

c)      Danish Lessons: Susanne Truelsen

d)      Folk Dancers: Audrey Urszulan

e)      Golden Age Club: Lilly Nielsen

f)       Music Department: Brigitte Bogar

9.      Other Business:

10.  Election of Board Members:

a)      Ending their terms are Gerda Andersen, Mark Fenger, Lilly Nielsen, and John Uffe.

All have agreed to stand for re-election. The Board recommends these people, as well as adding recent appointee Keri Pedersen to the Board.

b)      Nominations from the floor

11.  Conclusion.

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